About Us

Al Rabie Saudi Foods Company is one of the largest Saudi Closed Joint Stock juice manufacturing company in the Middle East. Its main concern is to manufacture and provide healthy and quality products which meet the consumer’s needs and requirements to sustain its position as a pioneer.

Our commitment to the highest international quality standards in all fields - from production and marketing to management - is the main reason why we hold the top position among our consumers and clients.

IMS code of conduct and policy 

INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM POLICY Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. endeavours to ensure the manufacture and distribution of drinks, nectars, juices, milk and milk products and other food products of high specification, hygiene and quality without compromising the best interest of public health, service to our customers and adverse effect to the environment. Our commitment to quality, environment, occupational health and safety and food safety is reflected through company initiatives and programs focused on continual improvement and reasonable compliance with:

  • Applicable legal and regulatory requirements for quality, environment, occupational health and safety and food safety.
  • Protection of biodiversity and ecosystem, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and use of sustainable resource.
  • Improving customer satisfaction level and surpassing customer expectations.
  • Prevention of injury and ill health through implementation of relevant controls.
  • Ensuring Food Safety through Good Manufacturing Practices, industry standards, and best practices.
  • Risk-based thinking relevant to our business operations.

We strive to achieve these commitments through regular review of system effectiveness, improving work processes through continuous training and awareness to all employees, minimizing waste, preventing pollution, use of eco-friendly chemicals, preventing injuries and ill health and effective communication to every member of the organization with ultimate aim of achieving customer satisfaction and relevant action taken are input to the organizational knowledge. 

MOWAAMA Effective participation in supporting our community

As a result of its corporate social responsibility actions in many areas, Al Rabie has recently won the "Moua’ama" silver award for the creation of convenient work environments for people with special needs in 2018.