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Beef Ragout, Mushrooms and Onions with Al Rabie Berry Mix Drink


1. Heat the butter in a heavy based pot and add the icing sugar. Put the cubed beef in and roast the cubes from all sides. Take the beef out. Sauté the onion and carrot brunoise. Add Awal Qatfa Tomato Paste and beef stock. Let simmer and reduce and add the beef cubes again.

2. Add all spices, Al Rabie Berry Mix , add the chocolate and let it simmer until the sauce thickens and the beef is tender. Meanwhile sauté the mushrooms with butter in a saucepan. Add the fresh berries and the cranberries. Before the serving mix the beef with the mushroom mixture. Lastly season with salt and pepper.

• Good to serve for 4 persons
• Level of Difficulty:1 out of 5
• Preparation Time: 90 min
• European countryside specialty for an extraordinary evening.

Highly recommended
3,594 Calories
899 Calories
Per portion


• Beef Topside cubed: 800g
• Red onion chopped: 50g
• Al Rabie Berry Mix Drink: 300ml
• Butter: 100g
• Mushroom sliced: 500g
• Berries mixed fresh: 150g
• Chocolate Dark: 20g
• Awal Qatfa Tomato Paste: 30g
• Bay leaf: 2g
• Beef Stock: 250ml
• Icing Sugar: 5g
• Salt: 8g
• Pepper white ground: 2g
• Beef cubed: 30g
• Cranberries: 40g
• Carrot burnoise: 50g