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Light up with the new Vitality C Drink

Life pressure and accumulated efforts weary our bodies and stress our minds every day, be it while working, studying or performing any other activity. Coupled with the lack of some essential elements that are crucial to perform our daily activities with vitality and vigor, while these elements are supposed to be compensated through natural food sources or adequate food supplements, we thus give you VITALITY C.

Vitality C is a delicious and refreshing drink, free of preservatives and artificial colours, fortified with essential vitamins among which is Vitamin B group.

Vitamin B2 preserves the body’s energy production and is beneficial to cell growth and functions, whereas Vitamin B3 preserve the body’s energy production & cholesterol leveling, in addition to Vitamin B6 which is essential to the health and functions of the nervous system and metabolic processes.

Vitality C is also high on Vitamin C where Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant that helps strengthen the body’s immune system.

Keep Vitality C with you and feel great at all times.